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about us

the people.

What if we tell you that meeting Santa doesn’t have to be the highlight of your trip? Even though it’s something you should definitely brag about! Maybe the highlight of your trip was that one moment where time stood still. That one time you were spoiled by hospitality, feeling of home, and that carrot cake that will “haunt you” long after you return home.

The Loft


When you think of the word “loft”, you think of bricks and beams. For us, the word Loft stands for desires and dreams. Rising from an aspiration to create a place that serves magic with a splash of coffee, Loft was born. Once we were handed the keys, we circled around the place and waited for it to paint the picture it wanted to portray. The truth is, we didn’t renovate Loft, Loft revealed itself to us. Whether you need to escape the cold and warm your mittens for a quick, you are meeting a long lost friend or you just wanna get lost, there’s a spot for you.

• Summer of 2018. – we rented the space and started planning.

• Fall of 2018. – we started a company and did even more planning.

• October, 2018. – the renovation started.

• November, 2018. – opening ceremony – we finally opened our doors to you!

• March, 2019. – we sat down for the first time after the season and discussed what was good and what areas needed more polishing based on our customers’ feedback.

• Spring of 2019. – we invested in an oven and started offering warm sandwiches (YUMM!).

• Winter of 2019. – by the time the second season started, we were a “well oiled machine”. What a wonderful time we had!

• January of 2020. – we visited a fair in Helsinki and we got an idea to start a new, miraculous chapter in our story. A journey that is only one page away…